Drone Training School

The Drone Training School offers training like no other. We offer In-House Ground School Training at your premises based on your needs. Each training program is designed on how you are planning to use your drone, where you plan to use it and what you hope to achieve. 

With all of this taken into account we will tailor the training to suit you and your organisations needs.


Day 1 Ground School Training

On Day 1 our Ground School Training will start at 9am at your premises and finish at 5pm. During the day we will teach you five different sections as per the requiments of the IAA.

Theoretical Knowledge

  • Air Law
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Human Factors
  • Human Factors

Once the day is complete we do advise you to go home and revise what we talked about during the day as there will be an exam on Day 2.

Day 2 Ground School Training

Day 2 will start 9am and finish at 5pm. During this day four sections will be given.

Theoretical Knowledge

  • Principles of Flight
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Flight Performance and Planning
  • Risk and Risk Assessment

At the end of these lectures an exan will be given. There is no need to worry about this. As long as you have being listening you will be fine. The exam will be a closed book exam with multibul answers for you to choose so remember that the answer is always in front of you.

Once the exam is complete all papers will be marked and a sore percentage will be given to each exam paper. Once everone have passed a Cert will be issued.

Once the exam is finished and marked we also like to spend a little bit of time with you to explain the follow:

  • Operations Manual
  • U.F.101 Flight Application Form


Day 3 Flight Test

Before Day 3 can start you will need to fill out your Operations Manual (OP's Manual) in full. This OP's Manual needs to be emailed to us a week before your Flight Test Exam. One of our examiners will read the OP's Manual in full and contact you if he/she feels that some changes are needed. Once the Examiner is happy with the OP's Manual a date for Day 3 can be arranged.

Day 3 is for your Flight Test but it is normaly carried out a week or two after the Ground School Training at a time that suits both you and us. The Flight Test is not as bad as some people make out. We will arrange to meet you at an agreeded location in Class G Airspace in a wide open safe area. We have a private location in Mornington, Co.Meath if you dont have one where all testing can be carried out. During the Flight Test the examiner will ask you to carry out some of the flight plans you have outlined in the OP's Manual. He/She will ask some questions about emergincy procedures and ask you to carry them out. Once the examiner is happy with you ability to fly a drone in a safe and secure manner with in the rules he/she will sign you off.

Renewal Course

The Renewal Course is carried out every two years after your Ground School Training Course. This lecture normaly lasts around 4 hours. This course is designed around any changes to the rules and regulations in relation to drone. Just like the Day 3 Flight Test every two year it will also need to be carried out per person.


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